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❝Activate your muscles and feel fit with just one or two sessions per week❞
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¿What is Healht&Fit?

Health&Fit Our clients will have a personalized method of highly effective training that uses thethe latest technology within the fitness to achieve the best results.

We offer a quick personal training, focused on individualized and effective goals. A combination of muscle stimulation technology (EMS), a 25-minute workout tailored to the needs of each client. A simple 25-minute session equals 90 - 120 minutes of fitness, so we can help you save time, reduce the impact that occurs in your joints, activate your muscles and make you feel fit with one or two sessions per week.

Soccer players and television stars already use our system. Only give two days a week to our centers and live the difference.

I'm David, your trainer!

❝My purpose as a coach will be to make an individualized plan to achieve your goal in the fastest and most dynamic way possible, motivating you to new challenges.❞


  • Graduate In Science of Physical Activity and Sport.

  • Master In Management and Administration of Sports Entities.

  • Master Universitario In Teacher Education in Secondary Education

  • University Expert In Planning and Programming of Healthy Physical Activity.

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